My Niece and Nephew hard at work on their guest stripsToday, for your viewing pleasure, I give you two beautiful guest comics from my nephew, Jonathon and my Niece, Zoe. My wonderful sister was kind enough to provide them with a printout from one of my comics and asked them to make their own versions.

Jonathon’s submission (The first one) titled “Unkey Monkey and Aunt Jamie’s Visit” clearly details J-Jonathon, Z-Zoe, A-Aunt Jamie, and yours truly M-Monkey. The four of us surprise Simon and George at their apartment. They’re clearly so shocked that they jump up on the ceiling in dismay. That’s about the time when the couch comes to life and says Hi… The next day the four of us make our escape, but Simon and George don’t look to be so lucky… I believe the Fire Demon (I’m assuming the couch burst into flame…) got them…

I should clarify here that when Jonathon was first learning to talk, he had trouble saying “Uncle Mike” which is what my sister and brother-in-law introduced me to him as. He found it much easier to call me “Unkey Monkey” – a name that I’m proud to say has stuck.

Zoe chose to take the short and sweet route with her rendition of Simon and George – I think she really captured their likeness.

It’s fair to say that Jonathon and Zoe have outperformed me on the art front – not to mention the story lines are no doubt easier for some of my loyal readers to grasp. I’m proud to have such wonderful family and happy that I can share their artwork with you all!