Ah, this one took a lot of work! I spent more time on this damned comic than several of the others combined.

I know… you’re thinking “Did he draw each and every one of those pieces of produce and all that crap on the shelves?!” Yes. I did.

You know what the crazy thing is? That wasn’t the thing that took me so much time.

It was the JOKE!

The first few drafts of this comic just didn’t work… I’m not going to go into detail about how they failed, but I will say that many people didn’t understand that there was a joke.

Don’t get me wrong… this comic isn’t supposed to make you fall on the ground laughing. In fact, if you’re laughing when you read this then you should consider seeking professional help. (I’m currently looking for a good shrink because I LOL every time I read it.)

No, I would rather that you groan and then be filled with the desire to punch something.